Interesting Facts

    • If you watch enough television you may see some of my 3d modeling work in one of your favorite TV shows.  Occasionally, I sell my CGI works to national television. This is one small part of my day job.
    • You think I’ve made a lot of albums as Brady Arnold?  I also make and release albums under 60 other artist names with an average 3 albums per artist.   It’s an experiment that is ongoing so I cannot reveal more until I bring it to a close.  Once the experiment comes to a close I will “absorb” the best material into my discography :o)
    • I was the one responsible for making the viral video series “Creed Shreds” on youtube.  From October of 2007 to April of 2010 I put out 5 shreds videos (on my spiritswitchboard channel) which gained 3 to 4 million views.
    • I lived three years of my life on Anna Maria Island FL, which was also home to Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge.  One day me and my brother pulled up beside him at a red light, and were speechless :o)   My grandpa was also mayor of Bradenton Beach (on Anna Maria Island) during the time that Graeme lived there.
    • My hands are the same exact size as Tony Banks from Genesis…  How do I know that? Coconut Records in Evansville Indiana has had a bunch of rockers visit through the years, and some of them  leave their hand imprints in concrete.  There was one from Genesis from their ’78 tour, and all three of them left their hand imprints.  Mine fit perfectly in the ones left by Tony Banks.  On a related note, my only tattoo (triforce on my right middle finger) was done by a guy named Tony Banks.  Weird, I know.
    • I am an ASMR addict, nuff sed.
    • I once threw a guitar worth $1,100.00 off of a train bridge because I thought it was possessed!  Kids, don’t do drugs!
    • Me and my older brother used to illegally catch and ride freight trains for miles.  Our longest trip was 27 miles one way!   We also liked to ride on top whenever the train had cars with platforms (like grain hoppers).  These train adventures took place around the same time that I was learning to play guitar.
    • I was once forced into rehab.  Kids don’t do drugs!
    • I then figured out how to still do drugs while in rehab.  Kids don’t do drugs!
    • I kicked drugs without the help of rehab, thanks to panic attacks!  Wow this list is getting dark ha ha.
    • I have lived most of my life in the town of Miamisburg Ohio, home of Mound Labs which was a large Nuclear Weapons maker / developer during the cold war.  Just before shutting down in the mid 1990’s, the facility made the EPA’s most wanted list after contaminating the ground water and soil with radioactive materials!   I used to play in a playground located in the contaminated zone, which is now gone because of the clean-up!  At present day you can visit the site (which is now a business park), and behold the many ground monitoring wells scattered around the hills. Home sweet home :o)
    • Я люблю Русский Язык! Я умею говорить по русски. Я умею читать и писать по русски.