Lyrics – Adventures at Sea

It seems I’ve lost direction upon this lonely sea. 
Drifting with the tide, and the water speaks to me. 
Calling for the lifeboat to come take me away 
from this psycho sea cruise where I spend my days. 
Where is it taking me? Will I still be free? 
Is it real, the things that I always see???? 
Echos from the memories, ships that I’ve abandoned. 
Always wonder where it went wrong,
too many times examined. 
Holding out for a piece of land to come within my grasp. 
I sat out on this adventure to wash away my past. 
Why is it not for free? Will it always be? 
Or is it something that I just can’t see??? 
I awaken to the sea crashing over my dreams. 
Trying not to live under the rule of material things. 
A storm is gathering, horizons turn to gray. 
This ship will surely sink, if I do not find my way. 
A blurry image of you….Cannot see this through…. 
Nothing left to do but to HATE……….. 
Look through the darkness, reach for my hand. 
It looks like we’re in some dream land. 
As long as you hold my hand, you’re safe as the sand, 
on the ocean that sweeps our bodies behind.
Our soles are light 
You thrive at the feel of my touch,
as we move through space. 
Just as I turn to you, you’re gone!!!