Lyrics – Autumn Comes

Autumn comes, the cold winds blow in time to light the fire.
A view from the hill to the wondrous scene under a tall church spire.
Colors turn, turn to gold and blow across the fields.
Night has become longer than day, and it’s starting to reveal…
I remember the leaves falling from the sky.
Colors of fire that would turn our eye.
Summers’ ghosts they were waving goodbye.
And the warmth we felt by the fireside.
A dream of winter and a harvest moon.
Eyes of the night starring back at you.
Plans we made in the month of June.
Never to come always falling through.
Dry your eyes it was just a dream. Time to face the truth.
The moment must pass, the lesson you’ll learn, and you’ll make it through.
They meant you no harm by what they had done.  Will you ever know?
Escape the pain of summers’ ghosts before it starts to show.
I remember the time we were out in the fields.
Sharing a love I believed to be real.
Summers’ end was the end of our time.
And all that remained falling into a rhyme.
A bitter winter and a cry for you.
Nothing there that would help me through.
Eight years passed, but it’s still the same.
The day you took your love away from me.