Lyrics – Dance Into the Sun

Atlantis this is calling from the sea window of time.
Ancient beneeth the sea of the mind.
Narrow band vibrations of messengers fo light,
they stay hidden from our site.
Well I find myself standing in the room where it all began.
A memory froze in time, where I stand.
Reliving that night like it’s hapening to me now.
I feel I should try to loose the memory somehow.
Snakes and serpent visions dance into the sun,
westward bound with visions of the mound.
Spirit feathers the two had found.
The chase was wild, he felt he had to do it.
Someone had put the slip on him before he knew it. (Ah-Ha!!!)
Now the fire burns across his mind!!!
Snakes in tunnels making all the signs.
The air surrounds them on the tower high.
The water below wants the fire to die.