Lyrics – Fading Fast

Move into a fantasy, nothing else is real.
Come into the fire if you want to feel.
A taste of emotion pure and true.
Take it it’s your’s to keep.
Would you only hear me
if I told you in your sleep.
If I could only reach you,
maybe you would see.
Something comes between us,
but our love was meant to be.
Silent but with just a look,
Eyes will never see.
Do you really see me
if I’m with you in your dreams?
And there’s something fading fast ,
cannot grasp, Falling fast.
And there’s something in the dream,
cannot see, rescue me.
Cause I think I want to find the
piece of mind, take my time.
Cause I really need to see
purity, want to be.
But it’s not too late,
we only see what we want to see.
What do I have to do?
What is the dream trying to say to me?
move into another dream
and you try to feel
something there inside of you
wants to make it real.
Can’t you try just a little more?
Something in the way.
You can feel the hurt
and your trust begins to fade.
If I could only (etc.)
And there’s something (etc.)