Lyrics – Greenshine

Brady Arnold - March 1993

It was an English pub in an old time place.
He followed a lady with fine lace.
He watched her there his senses able.
But she left something on the table...

The bottle was there, he jumped up with a glare.
Took it in is hand, and he went back to his land.
Beauty trails left a scar on his mind.
He opened the bottle only to find...

The green glowing bottle looked good to take.
He still didn't know what to make.
He drank it all down to his sole.
And then she appeared so she could show him the way.

She said she knew he would always come.
She said he was the chosen one.
The bottle was merely a doorway from
Your world and now we will be one.

But he heard something call from the outside world...
It was all a dream.