Lyrics – Locked Inside

I’m stuck on a ghost ship, stranded at sea.
Tentacles of sea creatures reaching for me.
Locked inside and now I’m suffocating.
About to break there can be no more waiting.
Swimming in a barrel a trapped and helpless prey.
I’m living out a nightmare in the middle of the day!
No need to run the enemy is already inside.
He’s playing on my deepest fears inside my own mind!!!
Running scared with no safe place to hide.
A fully stocked torture chamber inside my mind.
I can’t live inside this skin, I can’t survive outside.
The man upstairs must finally have me in his sights.
Run all day, run all night, run until the demons are far out of sight.
Fight all day, and fight all night!
Finding a lifeboat I take to the open sea.
10 story tidal waves crashing over me.
A panic war against the greatest enemy.
From horizon to horizon all I see is their weaponry.
Pull me out!
I’m locked inside!
Wake me up!
I’m locked inside!