Lyrics – Looking Outside

Hurdling closer towards the end of this life that I’ve known.
Looking outside I dare not venture out into the unknown.
I feel I’m some kind of spell….  that I can’t override.
Will I break free only time will tell…. Before the end of the line!
Looking outside I see a world that I was banished from turned away.
Lovers moving easily through what appears to be an impossible maze.
Will I get another chance….     only to run and hide.
Will I be confined to just a glance….From my window inside.
I think that I am having a no life crises here.
Looking inside I scan across the battlefield for signs of life.
Empty spaces of freezing air landscapes of snow and ice.
I feel I’ve wasted all my life….    Stuck at the starting line.
Wake up nobody there in the night….   Just me I’m stuck inside!
Looking outside I see all things that I have missed fade away.
Curtains drawn I retreat to a land of make believe hide away.
Was there ever a one for me?   Or did she fail and die.
Telling myself this is only a dream…    Emotions thrown to the side!
I think that I am having a no life crises here.
Nothing to do but to watch the days slowly tick away….
Fade away…