Lyrics – Painless

Where were you when the came to me?
How am I supposed to get relief?
You say it’s going to get better,
but I want to believe.
Who will take over when it overcomes?
Bangin on my head like it is a drum.
Falling to the ground,
don’t beat down my sole.
How could you just go and leave me
when I said I thought I would die?
What is going on with this world?
Will they see through the lie?
Stop and take a look around and see what is killing you.
It’s the life you’re living, does it really thrill you?
Why can’t we all be free and Painless.
Even just for a day to be Painless.
On the shelf just bring to me….Painless.
Cause there is nothing I can see but Painless.
You’re falling from your innocence.
When you think of love you think of giving up.
Don’t give up when you start to hurt.
Hold out for treasure that you deserve.
For now they put the heat on you.
Be brave the wait for something new.
Cos I tell you we’ve got to make a change!
Where you when the pain came to me?
It hurt so bad that I could hardly see.
Someone call for help, my heart is going to explode.
How could you (etc.)
Why can’t we (etc.)