Lyrics – Sea of Black

You know I believe our souls are as one.
But why do I feel so much pain?
Could it be that it is not our time?
I could never love anyone just the same.
Why did you do it?  Did you think of me lying there?
I’ve been left out in the rain with my despair.
We broke apart to start again.
You couldn’t wait you had to give in.
Now I’m lost I’m spinning out of control.
Cannot contain the way I feel, you’ve drained my soul!
I thought you said you were taking a rest from it all.
But in the blink of an eye you made the lonely call.
How could you turn right around and start again?
I’m feeling shut out, wanting to come back in.
Oh I feel so lost now that we’re apart.
I don’t think I can get outside to make a new start.
But time heals all wounds, putting it all in the past.
But I hope I’ll get through these darkened times alright
Get back to the life I once knew tonight.
Because I’ve been sitting in the darkness for days.
Each night, in my dreams I see you running away.
I thought (etc.)
Drowning in a sea of black cannot seem to swim.
The future that lay ahead looks very dim.
But time heals (etc.)
Hold on…. Just hold on…