Lyrics – Snowblind

Shutting out the light.  Cannot see the way.
Blinded by the snow.  Now it’s here to stay.
Disillusioned state; falling into a dream.
Uncertain fate; cannot drown the screams!
Paradise seems so far away
from underneath this veil.
Trapped inside a slow motion scene
like ice inside of the well.
Every night it’s a sequence of dreams.
She’s always naked and pale.
Always removed from the scene,
and the way back I can never tell.
There is no sanctuary; no safe place to go.
There is no warmth here; only ice and snow.
Her eyes are gone;
carved out like the dark of night.
You cannot see her because
you would pass away from fright.
She sits upon your chest,
stealing away your last breath.
You’re froze you cannot move
as she unwraps her gift of death.
Scattered pictures just out of reach.
Of someone for whom you long.
Dissolve into forgotten lands
in a place where you just don’t belong
You reach again, but there’s just no luck
Your lifeline breaks and you get stuck.
The fire has turned everything to ash.
You know it’s the end as it fades to black.