Lyrics – Time Lines of Space

Running forward through the time lines of space.
Have to meet with trouble face to face.
Don’t be fooled by the mask it wears…
Fear has taken me to the other side.
All the voices telling me to run and hide.
Afraid I’ll looses so I don’t even try.
The wings that I dream in my mind will make me fly.
Won’t even think about touching the ground.
Don’t want to see myself crashing down.
Sequences of dreams through a screen of white.
Asking me why I even rage the fight.
Mirror of water; Waves in the room-space.
Breaking the barrier of time and sound.
Staring through a vortex in space.
Brains are everywhere but where they are placed.
Electrified, standing on the world.
Prophets are toying with the fruits of the mind.
Domesday visions we must leave them all behind.
Systems burning in an open fire.
A high display of patience, a hot fatality
Look into the man’s flames and tell me what do you see:
Twisted skeletons lying within the fire.
Can’t look too long cause they speak to your mind.
The picture doesn’t burn in an open fire.
The sea is charged with energy of the sun.
Lurking beneath the depths of the surface.
Spirits record the memories we make,
Stored in the ocean of buried time.
The living book-room is known as mabus,
and it’s trying to be a good place….
Save me, Snake me….Ahhhhhh!